Hope for addicts

We are a registered NPO that helps addicts and alcoholics with the cost of treatment More »

Hope for families

We help families find the resources that they need to help them deal with the trauma of their loved ones addiction More »

Finding suitable treatment

There are so many treatment options available that it can be hard to choose, we offer advice and assistance in making this decision More »

Lasting recovery

We provide referrals to ongoing recovery resources that can help recovering addicts form strong social networks More »

Donate today

Your donation to the New Hope Foundation helps us to place a person in treatment. This impacts positively on their whole family, their local community, and society in general. More »


About Us

New Hope Foundation is a registered NPO operating in South Africa.  Our mission is to help addicts and alcoholics find effective treatment options and to assist with their treatment costs.

The impact of addiction or alcoholism is not limited to the person suffering from this illness.  Families, friends, and colleagues are all affected by problem drinking or drug abuse.  We believe that helping people to find and afford treatment for addiction or alcoholism has a knock-on effect and benefits society as a whole.

It is our vision to see effective treatment being made available to those who might currently be excluded for financial lack.

Our board includes a trained addiction specialist, a medical doctor, and community stakeholders.  They are able to assess treatment needs and direct patients to an appropriate facility.